An Interview with Venerina

Are you prepared to embark on a profound and honest journey of self-discovery, healing, and empowerment? In the realm of mental health and personal growth, there’s a new exceptional approach called the V2V Method – From Victim to Victory, designed by Venerina Conti MA, BSc psy. – – who I have the pleasure and honour of having here today for an interview.

It’s a compassionate and holistic method aimed at helping individuals identify their inner truths, transform pain into positivity, and unlock their innate potential of self-empowerment. 

To delve into the depths of this innovative methodology and explore its principles and the myriad of benefits it offers on the path to a happier, healthier, and more fulfilled life, I interviewed Venerina. 

Me: “Hello Venerina, for the sake of our readers, can you tell me what the V2V Method is exactly and how you came to design it?”

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Venerina: “Hello there, sure, thank you! The V2V Method is a strategic method I designed to overcome my own mental health issues. Back in 2009, I slid down the slippery hill of anxiety only to end up in an abyss of depression that lasted for a decade until I found my way out. Of course, the strategies I used on my way out became what I now call the V2V Method – From Victim to Victory. 

The principles of the V2V Method are based on honest introspective mindfulness, tactical transformation and reinforcement of positive beliefs and attitudes. I went from zero productivity and procrastination to producing 700 videos, and over 100 blog articles, designing my own website, self-publishing 3 books, designing and recording an online course and creating over 1500 daily motivational quotes all in one year as well as learning a lot of new modern tech apps. 

So, as it worked for me, I decided to test it with various clients of mine. The results were incredible. I wish I’d made an official study of it because follow-ups showed fewer cases of relapse and people genuinely demonstrating more faith in themselves and more determination, greater strength to deal with the crap that happens in life and generally showing accountability, responsibility and just being all-around empowered.”

Me: “Wow, that’s amazing! – So, what does the V2V Method consist of?”

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Veritas: The Courage to Confront Your Truth:

Venerina: “Well, there are three steps in the V2V Method. I’ve called them Veritas – Kinesis and Valor. Veritas is the Latin word for the truth. So, in this step, we use mindful introspection to discover inner truths that are holding us back. 

Veritas is the most difficult step in the V2V Method because it beckons us to confront fears and pain, limiting beliefs and everything we consider to be a past failure; not with judgment or harshness, but with the gentle embrace of mindfulness and complete honesty with ourselves.

I compiled a series of exercises designed to heighten self-awareness to unearth triggers that may be lurking beneath the surface. It’s a moment of truth, where we summon the courage to face our fears that cause anxiety and ultimately even depression, head-on, unravelling the limitations that have held us back. Once we’ve done this we can move on to the next step, which is Kinesis.

Kinesis: The Alchemy of Transformation:

Kinesis is the phase where the art of transformation takes centre stage. Here, we use a powerful toolkit to rewrite the narrative of our inner world. Negative thought patterns, which may have plagued us for years, will be turned into sources of strength. It’s like discovering that your mind has its own unique superpower—one that has the capacity to turn pain into healing and suffering into strength.

Then finally we moved into Step 3. 

Valor – Where We Build on Personal Empowerment:

This phase is where our newfound positivity and empowerment are fortified, and where the seeds of transformation truly begin to take root. Here, we build on positive behaviours that we cultivated throughout Kinesis. It’s where we truly realise that we have all the strength we need within us. 

Of course, the journey of self-discovery and personal growth doesn’t end here; it’s an ongoing voyage. It’s a profound shift from seeking external validation to realising that we possess the inner power to steer our own course toward well-being.”

Me: “Thank you. That sounds so interesting. How would you say the V2V Method compares to traditional approaches to mental health; like for example: cognitive behavioural therapy? Just to mention one”

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Comparing the V2V Method with Traditional Approaches:

Venerina: “In the world of mental health, traditional therapeutic methods, like Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), have long been recognised for their effectiveness. While these approaches hold their own merit, the V2V Method distinguishes itself through its emphasis on personal empowerment. 

Traditional therapy often centres around dialogue and a clinical diagnosis, while the V2V Method underscores the importance of self-discovery and empowerment. It recognises that true healing is a journey—a journey filled with self-awareness, personal determination, and, most importantly, resilience.

As most therapists are aware, during dialogue, people can say what they think the therapist wants to hear. Sometimes, feelings of shame and guilt are sufficient to push people into denial with themselves to such a degree that they create a convincing internal argument that then, they communicate to others. 

The V2V Method is based on introspection. Nobody has to ever see a person’s answers. There is no need for feelings of shame or guilt. All that is required is total honesty with one’s self. It empowers people to be accountable and take responsibility. It also empowers people to validate themselves rather than look for external validation.”

Personal Development, the Ego, Overcoming Challenges Mental Health Positive Mindset Inspirational Content Transformation Self-Improvement Empowerment Mindfulness Coaching Onlince course Venerina V2V Method

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The Power of Self-Reflection and Journaling:

Venerina Continues the interview with: “At the core of the V2V Method lies the power of self-reflection, often facilitated through writing, particularly journaling. Our journal becomes a sacred space—a sanctuary for expressing your innermost thoughts and feelings without the weight of judgment. It’s an unfiltered canvas that allows us to explore our inner world, gaining insights into our emotions and thought patterns. But most significantly, it places us in control of our own healing and personal growth.”

Me: “Thank you for this enlightening chat. Maybe you’d like to come back another day and talk about your online course Overcome Procrastination and Boost Productivity, and how the V2V Method applies to it.” 

Venerina: “I would really like that. Yes, thank you!”


As far as I’ve understood from Venerina, the V2V Method isn’t merely a path toward well-being; it’s a revolution in mental health and personal growth. It reminds us that the keys to our transformation are in our hands. With Veritas, Kinesis, and Valor as guides, we empower ourselves to discover our inner strength. It’s a journey of healing, personal growth, and positive change—an odyssey that leads to a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life. The V2V Method serves as a guiding light, illuminating our path toward a brighter, empowered, and more authentic version of ourselves.

Another piece of great news Venerina shared with me is that anyone can become an affiliate seller of her course and that she’s paying a 40% commission for every sale. So, not only can her course help someone mentally, emotionally and physically, it can also benefit them financially as well. Follow this link to get your affiliate ID today.

(Interview Transcript – From ResetAway Podcast)

Personal Development, the ego, Overcoming Challenges Mental Health Positive Mindset Inspirational Content Transformation Self-Improvement Empowerment Mindfulness Coaching Onlince course Venerina V2V Method PSYCHOLOCY PRIVATE CONSULTATIONS
Personal Development, the ego, Overcoming Challenges Mental Health Positive Mindset Inspirational Content Transformation Self-Improvement Empowerment Mindfulness Coaching Onlince course Venerina V2V Method PSYCHOLOGY PRIVATE RETREATS RETREATS

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