The one mindset that makes so many people fail, in life, is thinking “I’m not good enough.”

Where does that thinking come from? Are you willing to find out? Are you ready to face it and move on?  Unless you do, you will never live your Highest and best possible life. Success, in anything, depends on having strong self confidence and belief that “we can” no matter what the obstacles are. 

The only person stopping you from becoming who you want to be and doing what you want to do in life is you. Nobody else.  

It’s sad that in today’s society,  millions of people think they are not good enough just because they feel do not fit the standard of beauty, wealth or body type the media would have us believe “should be” the norm.

Some people believe they’re not smart enough, lucky enough or even efficient enough because their bank account doesn’t match the Hollywood lifestyle pushed in our faces at every opportunity. 

Not feeling good enough is a fear

Not feeling good enough is a fear just like any other. It’s a self doubt that has origins somewhere in our past; sometimes even as far back as childhood. Someone or something, at some point, knocked our confidence and made us feel small. It knocked us off our feet; so to speak. 

Instead of bouncing back; ignoring a comment that, at the end of the day, is just someone’s opinion, we retreat. We shy away once, then twice and then continue to do so until this comment becomes a belief ingrained in our soul. 

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As harsh as this may sound, we allowed this to happen. We create our own fears and complexes on the basis of something that nine times out of ten is just someone else’s opinion. Everyone has one. It doesn’t mean they are right. Yet, somehow, we accept their opinion as something written in stone. We take it onboard and allow it to harm us and hold us back. I should add here that the more we hold someone dear to us, the more importance we give to their opinions. 

“I’m not good enough” paradigm

Judgements, criticisms, constructive criticism, liking, disliking; they’re all just one person or another’ opinion. Believing the “I’m not enough” paradigm is what, ultimately, puts us into a victim mentality. It also stops us from taking risks and going after opportunities. 

It’s also worth noting that the more someone says something to us, the more likely we are to think about it. The more we think about it, the more we end up believing it and soon, before we know it, we have reaffirmed that belief so much that we end up imbedding it as a new reality into our subconscious mind. Once a belief has that status in our life, we begin to base your actions on it and create the world around us in accordance with it.

This is not who we are though. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. We all have the same potential and capacities as anyone else in the world. The only difference between us and a successful person is that the successful person acts upon his world and does not let the world just act upon him. 

Overcoming the “I’m not good enough” paradigm

In order to overcome paradigms like the “I’m not good enough”, we need to learn to forgive ourselves our harsh judgments. We need to forgive others because perhaps they knew no better. You see, everyone creates their own reality based on their own circumstances and influences in life. 

There is no such thing as a perfect life. Everyone has baggage. The important thing is how you deal with the baggage that you are carrying. If you cannot love yourself, forgive yourself and be at one with yourself, the chances are you will not succeed in having successful relationships with others. Look deep into the inner you and discover even the most painful of content. Let it rise to the surface, analyse it, cherish the lesson that may be contained within it and then let it go. 

Create new realities for yourself based on what you love about you, the things you are best suited for and what your passions are in life. Give yourself all the validation you need to restore the belief that you can be and you will be. Once you restore this self-confidence you will find that the only limiting factor is your own imagination. 

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