WorldWideWeb - Frustration like. BUBBLING VOLCANO, Mount Etna,
Unvented frustration eventually becomes like a bubbling volcano.

Here we go WorldWideWeb! All you Millionaire Affiliate marketers out there on the …. FEAR ME! …. (Not!)

It’s just taken me the best part of 3 hours to open a WordPress account and figure out what I was clicking through. It took me about an hour, alone, to figure out how I could start an Instagram account and link it to this blog. That’s not even mentioning having to request a password change, 3 times, because I kept forgetting it!

It’s actually half a miracle that I got this far. However, the real miracle will be if anyone actually sees it!!! If you do, please leave a comment or a thumbs up or something; just so I know it’s actually live and published. Give an Internet dinosaur a little encouragement. Pretty please!

To the matter in hand. Who I am is of little importance. It suffices to say that I’m an over 50 year old person who considers herself smart, savvy, professional and somewhat quirky. I have opinions about eeevvvvveeerrrryyyythhhiiinnngggg; well… almost eevveerryytthhiinngg although I don’t actually feel the need to express them.

Be warned, if I learn how to use this blog as I would a proper, beautifully bound, good old fashioned journal, there’ll be no stopping me.

If you’re a techy baby and never had a journal, let me tell you there is something very special about the feel of paper. There is also something inspiring about watching words being inscribed in good old fashioned ink; with a pen than feels just right. I like to think that buying a journal is like getting a dog. It chooses us and not the other way around.

You’re probably thinking, don’t be silly a journal doesn’t choose us. Oh but it does and it all starts with the cover. Take a look HERE, for example.

If you scroll down about two or three rows there are some beautiful, almost magical & mystical journals that look like they’re inviting us in to write down all our secret thoughts. When a journal is right for us, we just know. We feel attracted to it and the more attraction there is, the deeper the bond we’ll create with it and the more we’ll write.

I remember when I bought my first decent journal about 3 decades ago. As I ran my fingers over the cover, it was pure seduction. It was as if it was whispering to my soul: “Hey Baby, it’s just gonna be you and me for a long time.” I still look back at that journal now and see how far I’ve come and grown as a person. Journalling has been an essential part of my inner growth and development.

Try it! You’ve got nothing to lose. If you can’t afford to buy a nice journal that feels right to you, make one!

Back to my story, I keep seeing Internet “whippersnapper”gurus claiming it’s possible to make a decent living online in just 90 days. I mean that affectionately. Honestly, you all seem young enough to be my sons and daughters.

Since Covid my life has changed drastically just like everyone else’s and with the ever growing threat of instability in Europe, I think it’s time to look at my future differently and create a new world for myself. So, I’m here, I’m showing up, I’m learning and I’m going to start implementing.

So there it is, Booooom! A new me and a new mindset! I know it’s not going to be easy but hey … if an 8 year old can do it, then surely, I can too! Right? … A word of encouragement might be nice at this point please? 😀

Well anyway, if you’re bored or have a moment to spare, please follow me on this journey. I’ll document whether it’s true that following these smart young people’s methods can actually work for an over 50 year old person like me. I am soooooooo out of touch with the Internet lingo, the apps and everything it takes, apparently, to be successful online.

Well, if nothing else, I might give you a chuckle.

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