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My New Book – Mastering Anxiety: Your Guide to Inner Peace

In “Mastering Anxiety: Your Guide to Inner Peace” using the V2V Method, author Venerina explores the intricate landscape of anxiety and provides a comprehensive guide for readers seeking empowerment and transformation. With a unique blend of personal experiences, psychological insights, and a touch of spiritual wisdom, this book goes beyond conventional approaches to offer a…


90 day Challenge – An Over 50 still on the Internet! – Part 1 – What happened?

Just recently, I’ve noticed that more people have subscribed to my “An over 50 on the Internet” blog where I talk about my 90 Day Challenge! Thank you. It’s nice to have your support. You’re probably wondering how it’s all going and how far I got. Well let me tell you … suspense … drum…


“I’m not good enough” – Why do we think it? – Mind Transformation

The one mindset that makes so many people fail, in life, is thinking “I’m not good enough.” Where does that thinking come from? Are you willing to find out? Are you ready to face it and move on?  Unless you do, you will never live your Highest and best possible life. Success, in anything, depends…