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SEO frustration – 90 Day challenge – Mindset!

Welcome back. Ok, so day 4 – yesterday, Monday 30th January 2023 was particularly SEO frustrating. So frustrating that I closed my laptop and walked away from it thinking: “I can’t do this!” There’s too much to learn in too much of a short time. It all started because I was trying to figure out…


Lesson 1, 2 & 3! (Day 2) – 90 Day Challenge – from numpty!

THANK YOU BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE!!! WOW!!!! WOOOOOO ….. Happy Sunday everyone! How exciting to wake up to emails telling me people have liked my first post about my 90 Day Internet challenge. AND, (BONUS) subscribed to me! I am so grateful. Thank you for the encouragement. Honestly, I felt like a numpty yesterday! Try not to…