Welcome back. Ok, so day 4 – yesterday, Monday 30th January 2023 was particularly SEO frustrating. So frustrating that I closed my laptop and walked away from it thinking: “I can’t do this!” There’s too much to learn in too much of a short time.

SEO, Frustration

It all started because I was trying to figure out SEO optimisation for my website and for my business blog. Quite honestly, I was getting nowhere. So, I gave up!

That’s when I sat down with myself and realised I need to change my mindset. Ironically it’s what my book teaches people to do in every day life. Change the mindset to transform life.

We only ever succeed at what we’re willing to fearlessly put ourselves into with passion, determination, belief and dedication. I say fearlessly because we have to battle against our mind, that wants to trick us into believing we’re not good enough or not knowledgable enough; or not capable. Our insecure mind is our worst enemy. It can talk us out of anything if we allow it to.

Just by saying to myself: “I can’t get my head around this” shuts down my receptivity to it. I block off any possibility of actually learning it and, if I continue to think like this, I will, eventually, block it out because I don’t want to face it. Not facing it, of course, will keep me stuck and I won’t be able to progress unless I hire someone to do the job for me.

So, with the other side of my conscience screaming at me: “practice what you preach,” which coincidentally is called: “The Power to Transform is yours: Be your best friend and not your Worst Enemy” – I decided to get back on to the laptop.

However, instead of going back to work on what was frustrating me and what I wasn’t enjoying at all, I decided to do what I like doing best; creating -writing! I didn’t waste the rest of my day wallowing in self pity and defeat nor did I use my frustration as an excuse to dive into procrastination.

It’s good to procrastinate once in a while. We all need to put our feet up, chill on a lounger, sip a hot cocoa or even curl up with Netflix. BUT, the danger with procrastination is that it becomes addictive when we face challenges that we really want to ignore.

I guess we could say that lesson number 4, on this day, has been to recognise where my weaknesses lie in the wild realm of the World Wide Web.

Hopefully, this can serve to help someone else out there facing the same issues. For now, I bid y’all farewell for today (I really like some American expressions. “Y’all” – it’s quick, easy and doesn’t even require much typing.)

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