Oh dear! It would seem that my last blog post was the 15th February and today is the 1st March! Where is time going? My apologies for taking so long! I was away taking care of my father for two weeks and got almost nothing done. Came back and now, I’m trying to pack two weeks of work into a couple of days! Today’s post is about rentals.

First and foremost, as you can see I’ve migrated my blog. I apologise if I brought you lovely subscribers with me but, I didn’t want to leave you in limbo! Why did I migrate? Well, as most Internet marketers quite rightfully point out, I am my brand. So, I created a home for my brand and as someone put it, by staying on a free WordPress blog, in his words I’d be: “building a house on land that doesn’t belong to me.” Well, none of us would really do that, would we?

The nitty gritty …

The question I’m guessing most of you are asking is: “Have I actually succeeded in making any money online in these 34 days and the answer is still the same as 15 days ago.

However, in the offline world I have taken on another property for management. So, today, let me tell you about a way you can make a little sideline money in the real world.

Rentals – Short term

Nowadays with so many sites like AirBnb, Couchsurfing, Facebook Marketplace and Booking.com, to mention a few, the possibilities are endless to earn a side income from the property market even if you don’t own property. People are willing to pay to sleep on a couch when they’re passing through a town, city or village. Others look for affordable accommodation in private houses.

Since Covid, I’ve also noticed that families are looking for bigger properties where they can all stay together, in absolute privacy, rather than opting for big hotels.

You may have a couch of your own to offer, you may not. If you have, you could charge a minimal amount and make a little pocket money that might pay for a bill or two.

However, if you don’t like the idea of renting your couch out, you may know someone who has a property with a spare room or even someone who has a holiday home. Alternatively, you may see an empty property in your street. You could find out who the owners are and you could negotiate a commission, with them, for managing and renting their space.

What is involved?

As a rental manager, you’d be responsible for taking and managing bookings online; the cleaning services and bed linen changes in between clients; checking clients in and out, and overviewing the property after each departure. Most countries also require you to photograph client IDs and send them through to the local police authorities.

There are plenty of places to advertise short term tourist rentals online. Before you do, though, you will need to check what the legal requirements are in your area/country. I say this because some countries/regions require a government approved licence for renting “tourist accommodation.”

Affiliate marketing and rentals

You can also connect a property rental to your affiliate marketing. For example, I manage a property in Spain that rents an annex. As a Booking.com affiliate I could use the affiliate link, to that property, to advertise it online and make an extra commission on top of the commission I make from managing the rental itself. It’s a win win.

Even if you don’t have any properties to manage or rent, and you’re a little more Internet savvy than me, you can still sign up to travel affiliate programs and earn commissions from rental bookings.

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