A New Hybrid concept Model of Business

Welcome back. How was your weekend? I would like to say that I did something exciting. Instead I find that I’m putting in 16 hour days, even at the weekends, just to get to grips with everything I need to learn. I’m hoping to come into the 21st century of Internet Technology and the only way I can do it is by creating a new Hybrid Model of business.

I feel like I take 1 step forward and 10 steps backwards. Every time things seem smooth sailing, I get hit with a road block. I’d like to say I’ve achieved a lot in 4 days, and I probably have, but it just doesn’t feel that way. I’m slowly surrendering to the fact that this is the foundation prep time. By this, I mean the time spent designing websites, getting my sites indexed and producing content. Although chatGPT has helped me to find new ideas, I’m still a little old fashioned and like to write my own content.

However, I’m finding that the online way of doing things seems way more complicated than the offline way. This is where I need to change my mindset. In “partially” succeeding, I’ve rebranded my old Facebook page and designed two new websites for my businesses.

You see, for over two decades I’ve been in the “event” industry. In particular, I’ve been working in the areas of weddings and retreats; although I have worked on conferences as well.

For over three decades, I’ve been actively working in many capacities in the “tourist” industry. Although I’ve been involved, directly and indirectly with it, my whole life. However, I think you’ll agree when I say that Covid showed us all that, from one moment to the next, we can be shut down just like that. For me, as for so many people out there, that meant no tourism, no events and no income.

So, to take my business online, and not be dependant solely on offline, I’ve come up with a new hybrid concept model of business; using innovative thinking in my rebranding.

Weddings and retreats, hybrid model of business

With this hybrid model of business, the offline services will still be available (if required.) BUT, as a Wedding and Retreat Consultant, the consultancy service I offer is primarily online.

Event consultancy is an innovative concept in the wedding and retreat industries, but the best part is, if it works it allows me to work from my laptop.

So, what is this new Hybrid Model of Business?

The new concept is:

I can hear you thinking: “Surely, someone could do that themselves online” – they could but do they have the time? Can they speak another language? I’m multilingual and I’ve lived, visited and/or worked in 42 different countries. I’m sensitive to cultural & traditional differences; especially as I come from a mixed background as well.

Since Covid, we’re all so busy trying to get back on our feet that we all seem to be running a lot faster than before. Everything seems to have picked up speed. In doing so people have less and less time to sit and smell the roses; let alone do all the research necessary for an event. This is where we come in. We would eliminate that stress for them.

This new Hybrid Model of Business makes things easy for the client.

When we send them the .pdf, all they have to do is click links. It couldn’t be simpler and less stress free. It’s up to the client which services they hire us for and how many of our services they use. Which, coincidentally, is still one of the website pages I need to design and integrate. I would have had it done yesterday BUT, I got whisked off to a very nice lunch. Now, when food and good company are involved, it’s an offer I just can’t refuse! Don’t judge me! 😀

I still have some tweaking to do but designing my new website, getting it indexed and submitted to search engines, setting up developer tools, console and analytics and so many Google applications (just to get my site online,) creating all the content and developing a strategy for this new hybrid concept has been a major achievement for which I give myself a big pat on the back!

Even if nobody reads this, I would just like to say a BIG FAT “THANK YOU” to every single helpful person who has ever posted a “How to” video on YouTube. I want it out there in the Universe how grateful I am for all the help you don’t know you’ve given me in getting this far. “THANK YOU”

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