Oh what a day!

Before I start ranting about my wonderful experience in, what has now become, the overwhelming web of internet frustration, let me just say thank you very much to all you lovely people who took the time to read and like my blog posts. I’m sending an even more MASSIVE thank you to those of you who subscribed. You must truly be a glutton for punishment to follow my rantings 😀 lolol – I mean it though, thank you and if I can subscribe to you too, just leave me a comment with your url. I say this because I haven’t found the blogs yet.

Day 3! That was yesterday and it was Sunday. Did I rest? Heck NO! In all honesty I had a bit of a fuzzy head thing going on. I can’t say I was feeling very productive during the best part of the day. So, I opted for lounging around watching YouTube video tutorials and courses various.

O-M-G – It was overwhelming to say the least. As you probably know, there are literally thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of “so-say” internet affiliate marketing gurus. W-O-O-O-. Who the heck can we believe or follow? Who can we actually, truly, learn from that isn’t trying to just sell us a course?

Let me tell you that, when the Internet started to change in the mid 90s, I couldn’t keep up with all the new tech stuff and so, I gave up. Then, I paid for a few courses, (as one does) – how to sell this online, how to sell that, how to do this and how to do that – And, if I’m going to be honest, nothing worked for me! I have failed “online” that many times, it all just began to feel like a waste of my valuable time, effort and money; especially considering that, until Covid, I’d been a successful freelancer/business woman for well over 3 decades, in multiple areas and in multiple countries.

So now, me being me, and only having 90 days to complete this challenge, I decided to listen smart. What do I mean by that? Well, every time I watched a video suggesting something that could potentially benefit my challenge, I paused the video, went to all the sites mentioned, signed up, did my due diligence, put things into practice and waited to see if they’d work.

That’s how I discovered Add me Fast and that’s why I recommended it yesterday. Yes, I’ve added my affiliate link here but the services offered on the site are free and it’s free to sign up. So, I honestly don’t yet know what they give their affiliates when someone signs up through a link. However, I’m sure that if someone, some day, signs up through my affiliate link, I’ll find out and let you know!

Anyway, it genuinely does work. If you’re willing to do a few tasks, you can earn points that can be used to get post likes or shares or whatever you need to promote your business across various social media platforms. It’s not an entirely organic way to get followers but it works.

I mentioned in my last article that yesterday I’d acquired 20 new subscribers in 2 days. Today, I have another 40. The tasks can be a little tedious at times – BUT, subscribers, their likes, comments etc. are worth their weight in gold as far as the social media numbers game goes.

This is a screenshot of my channel analytics. As you can see, I have 60 new subscribers. I’ve only just started using Add me Fast. So, this is in 3 days and I haven’t paid for any traffic.

I even went as far as testing their promise to give a daily 400 point bonus for 100 clicks- i.e. completing 100 micro tasks.

As you can see from the second screenshot, they did! Happy days!!! Don’t ask me what AMF is. I haven’t got that far yet. So, I haven’t got a clue!

Call it an obsession but, while I was typing this, I thought I’d do another quick channel check … and … Booom! … 31 new subscribers in one evening.

For the sceptics, here’s another pretty self explanatory screenshot. So, it really is worth wasting a little time every day to collect the points and convert them. It took me the best part of an hour to do 100 clicks and get the 400 bonus points. I’m going out on a limb here but I’m guessing that the really big channels, influencers and corporate brands, probably buy all their traffic.

One final thing I wanted to see was how this new traffic and new volume of views translated into money. So, I headed over to Google Adsense and to my complete and utter amazement …. drum roll please … I’ve earned money! Ok, it’s not enough to retire on just yet but … I am so chuffed! This is only day 3 of my challenge. Happy days!

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