Namaste! My name is Venerina and my motto is Mindset is everything! This a little about me. I've always used the Internet as a way of socialising and connecting to people I've met all over the world. For me, it's been a useful tool to stay in touch with friends and family; and help people who reached out to me.

Embarking on a Journey

never really looked upon the virtual environment as a means of earning an income. I clearly needed to change my mindset. Never did I imagine the internet would become one the world's essential tools for doing business. Nor did I imagine it would become a necessity as an integrative part of modern life.

As a person who has travelled extensively; working and living in many countries, I've become accustomed to adapting to the circumstances, the culture, and the environment I've found myself in. Aside from learning new languages, I've had to reinvent myself many many times in order to find new ways of earning a living and doing business.

From Personal Connections to Professional Challenges

Just to give you an idea, I've been a bartender, a theatre Usherette, a box office sales assistant and theatre club representative, a waitress, and a pool cleaner. For over 30 years, I was a professional singer, actress, writer, and photographer.

During my travels, I became a hair and makeup artist and a radio presenter, podcaster, and blogger. I was also a spa manager, entrepreneur, a holistic health therapist, a Reiki master, Naturopath, and a Transpersonal coach; an event organiser, a language teacher, a translator, and a business consultant. At one point, I was even a seamstress, painter, cleaner, and supermarket employee. Of course, not all are in the order presented here.

Navigating Through Life

Throughout my life, as far back as childhood, I had to face many challenges such as a stepmother who suffered from mental health issues and regularly used me as a punching bag, depression, an alcoholic ex-partner, many rare illnesses, and body image issues to name a few; but with the correct Mindset, I overcame all challenges and thrived.

I've been a volunteer in multiple countries around the world in multiple capacities. My life really has been so full that I'm sure I'm probably forgetting something. If I'd clung too rigidly to the beliefs and mindsets, that were ingrained in me since childhood, I would not have been able to transform my life with every geographical move.

The Power of Mindset

How I got to where I am now is the product of my mindset and my ability to change and adapt. Modern times and the advent of Covid 19, with all the lockdowns, really showed us all how nothing in life is permanent, secure or guaranteed. So many businesses, like mine, shut down and so many people found themselves unemployed.

More people than ever before are suffering with mental health issues and far too many are struggling with making a come back from their losses. I am one of those people. Only, this time, I find myself adapting to the new circumstances of modern times.


Like so many, I am reconstructing my life and offline businesses but I am fully aware that I need to be present in the virtual environment as well. This has meant learning new skills, acquiring new knowledge, facing my fears and changing my mindset again.

Old paradigms have to shift. None of us can really be fully dependent on the physical world any more. I see the Internet as a very big challenge, for me, but it is one I intend to face and overcome. There have been moments of excruciating frustration, confusion and misunderstanding. It would be so easy to give in to the temptation to give up.

Every mistake, every wrong turn...

Embarking on a Journey

It would be easy to allow my mind to convince me that "I'm incapable" when it comes to the Internet. The realist in me knows there will be many more challenges in the future. Thanks to the life I've lead, I know that mindset is everything.

Every mistake, every wrong turn and every failed opportunity is a lesson we need to learn. Bad things don't happen for bad reasons. They are simply events that take place to teach us something. When we learn, we grow.

The more we grow, the more we show our ability to adapt, change our minds and transform our lives. This is why I decided, after a long period of absence from coaching, to develop Mind Transformation Courses and Retreats, as well as help people to optimise their health through Mindset.

In the mindset coaching niche, I am also the author of "The Power to Transform is Yours: Be Your best friend and not your worst enemy" and "Unlock the power within: Discover the secrets to Energy and Healing to Ignite your transformation"

In the former, I demonstrate how we can break free from old belief patterns that no longer sevre us and hold us back and in the latter, I talk about the direct relationship between thoughts, emotions and disease in the body.

Venerina Conti

Author, Mind, Body-Energy Transformation Coach, Naturopath/Holistic Health Therapist, Photographer.